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Global Outdoor Concepts, Inc. was created in 2004 to develop the world’s first outdoor, weather resistant flat screen television. We called this process the MirageVision Outdoor TV. What makes us unique is we utilize existing top name brands such as Samsung, Sharp, LG, etc.

Our use of the name brand TVs let us take advantage of the Research and Development departments of the most advanced TV manufacturers in the world. Our Diamond Pro line of Ultra HD (4K) TV's will always be the latest and greatest TVs made from top manufacturers coupled with our propietary MirageVision Video Processor, along with our weatherproofing technique, we are able to create the most advanced outdoor TV on the planet! Bar none!

In the Beginning..

When we first formed the company in 2004, we had our televisions built in China. Although, at that time we built a quality outdoor television, we quickly realized that it was impossible to build a television with the same dependable, modern look and latest technology as companies like Samsung, Sharp, and LG (to name a few). At that time it was thought that an outdoor television needed to be built by constructing a bulky sealed enclosure. To do this, however, the enclosure had to be large enough to accommodate a dual, push/pull fan system for cooling, and it also needed a heating system. In order for a small company to build an affordable product, as compared to the giants in the industry, the television had to be constructed utilizing parts from China. As we are constantly striving to improve our products we felt that there had to be a better way to provide a state of the art outdoor television that had all the latest technology as well as one that was contained in a slim, attractive enclosure such as name brand TVs.

Outdoor Television
Outdoor Television

2008 - Leader in Technology.

The answer was right in front of us! Why not utilize existing name brand televisions that already contained the latest and most advanced technology. Companies such as Samsung, Sharp, and LG (to name a few) spend millions of dollars each year on research and development to create the best picture image, include the latest features, and design the most attractive cabinets. After all, at only an inch thick, the newest LED and OLED flat screen televisions are now made to hang on a wall as they are really no different than attractive art work. You can’t do that with a bulky, heavy, industrial looking enclosure, as this is the way other outdoor televisions are still made. We innovated a process in 2008 which involves weatherizing and enhancing the picture quality by calibrating the existing brand TV for outdoor viewing, utilizing name brand televisions. We realized that a push/pull fan system is necessary, so we utilized the existing ventilation system of the brand name television and incorporated our convectional airflow technology with an internal and external fan system. To do this, we have a special process that includes protecting the internal circuitry of the name brand television, including the speakers, using our proprietary kryptoshield hydrophobic sealant, as well as completely sealing all of the cabinet joints and screw holes. Our system still allows the television to vent heat but it will not allow downward falling rain or snow to enter the enclosure. Humidity and bugs are actually the most damaging threat to outdoor electronics and since we protect the internal circuitry, our televisions are impervious to moisture, corrosion, dust, and pesky bugs that are attracted to the light and heat. Additionally, televisions create their own heat so a heating system is not necessary, unless you are using operating your TV in arctic temperatures and environments. Our TV's have been time tested in one of the hottest, arid climates on the planet-- Las Vegas, Nevada. They will withstand sub freezing temperatures and up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. We also have created a unique, adjustable, membrane cover to protect the inputs and outputs of the television and we apply a special UV treatment to the enclosures.

Today. And the Future.

Today, we are doing all of that and much more! Our use of name brand TVs/Displays let's us take advantage of the Research and Development departments of the most advanced TV manufacturers in the world, such as the # 1. TV/Display Manufacturer in the world, Samsung. As we have most recently partnered with them to retrofit their Commercial Displays/Digital Signage and Residential TVs for outdoor use, under our brand MirageVision. Our Diamond Pro line of Ultra HD (4K) TVs, our Hi Bright and our Award Winning QLED/QDot/HDR Technology (developed by Samsung), will be the latest and greatest outdoor TVs/Displays on the planet. Our TV's are improved using our MirageVision's proprietary external video processor and our special weatherproofing process to create the most advanced and affordable outdoor TV on the planet! So ask yourself… “Is There Any Other Logical Choice”? We have also expanded are line of TV's to include our new Jumbo Outdoor TV in sizes 115", 145", 165" and the world's largest 212" incorporating the latest in seamless LED/digital panel technology. Also! All of our TVs/digital signage/displays sets can be further upgraded into an outdoor, multi-touch entertainment system and/or Multi Media Interactive Sign for your home or business.

We now offer indoor and outdoor digital sign kiosk systems, as well as Samsung’s complete line of INDOOR COMMERCIAL DISPLAYS AND HOSPITALITY TVS. These TV's will change the way you or your business views media outdoors as well as indoors. Unlike outdoor projector/screen systems that can only be viewed during the nighttime, our massive Jumbo Outdoor Theater System can be viewed during the day, even in direct sunlight. Our TV's can be viewed during the day in direct sunlight! So, The Future of Outdoor TVs/Digital Signage/Commercial Displays is Here Today with MirageVision!

Outdoor Television

What Clients Are Saying

Ken Catron, Director of IT at the SLS Resort and Casino, said that the owner of the SLS was so impressed by our Mirage Vision outdoor TV’s that he bought 3 TV’s for his private residence. Dale Potts, President/CEO of Global Outdoor Concepts (makers of the Mirage Vision Outdoor TV), at the pool area of SLS Hotel and Casino, located on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Global Outdoor Concepts was chosen by the SLS to custom retrofit all of their Samsung hospitality TVs at their outdoor pool, bar and cabanas into Mirage Vision outdoor TV’s. This is done by using the Samsung hospitality TVs as donor TV’s and turning them into Mirage Vision Outdoor (weatherized) Ultra-Bright TVs. The SLS Hotel and Casino is considered a Boutique Hotel, and is one of the newest and most ultra-modern hotels in Las Vegas. We are proud to have our unique Outdoor TV Technology displayed at the SLS Hotel and Casino.

Ken Catron

Director of IT for SLS Resort and Casino

We had our MirageVision Outdoor TV installed at our Boca Raton, Florida Home over 6 years ago. It has survived 2 hurricanes, much rain and the harsh southern Florida salt air. We were also very impressed with the picture quality in the daytime sunlight. What a great product! Attorney Richard Chosid Boca Raton, Florida

Richard Chosid


We needed TV monitors that would withstand the outdoor elements and most importantly be viewable in direct sunlight. Our application was for one of our 10 day outdoor events held on the Las Vegas Strip. These TV’s were used to play segments of our new TV series titled “Wild Recon.” Even though the MirageVision Outdoor TVs were not made nor warranted to be “waterproof” and it is very rare to get 3 inches of rain in Las Vegas…yes the rarity did happen, we received hard rain for over 3 days. The TV’s ran day and night, rain and shine. The MirageVision Outdoor TVs performed flawlessly and the picture quality was awesome. We are glad that we purchased the MirageVision Outdoor TVs and we intend to use them on other outdoor events.

Animal Planet


We installed your 80″ Mirage Vision Outdoor TV at our Dinosaur Exhibit and it has performed perfectly. The personnel at our IT dept. just love it…thanks Global for a great product.

Memphis Zoo


We chose the Mirage Vision televisions to use as display units in our unique custom vehicles and we are extremely satisfied with their performance…” (Spevco is one of the industry leaders in the fabrication and manufacturing of Specialty Mobile Vehicles. They have designed and manufactured specialty mobile vehicles for the US Military, NASCAR, Disney, Carnival Cruise Lines, Cocoa Cola, and Mobile Medical Hospital Units)



At BizBox, we manufacture custom high-end office/showroom specialty trailers for our demanding customers. Most of our trailers are equipped with TV Monitors. Originally, we equipped them with normal, expensive LED HDTVs. Because of the outdoor use, road vibration and direct daytime sunlight, these TVs failed within a few months of use. At the same time, they showed a terrible picture quality in the direct sunlight. After doing extensive research, we found a TV suitable for the outdoor environments. We recently signed on to use TVs from Global Outdoor Concepts, makers of the MirageVision Outdoor TV/Monitor. In fact, we now use the MirageVision Outdoor TV/Monitor exclusively on all of our trailers that require outdoor TV/Monitors. Thanks to the MirageVision, are problems we solved.

Biz Box


Thanks again for the quick turn around on my order. I installed it for my customer, Mission Hill Apartment Homes, in New Braunfels, TX. The unit was installed under the pool cabana using a full motion mount. The mount allows the TV to be viewed under the cabana or from the pool. My customer is extremely happy. The property owner is building another complex in San Antonio and is interested in having me install more MirageVision TVs at the new complex..

Brian Padier

San Antonio, TX

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