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Outdoor Mini-Fridge TV Combo
Outdoor Mini-Fridge TV Combo
Outdoor Mini-Fridge TV Combo
Outdoor Mini-Fridge TV Combo
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Outdoor Mini-Fridge TV Combo

$1,495.00 $1,995.00
Introducing the world's first portable outdoor mini-fridge / television combo! Fridge/TV Combo for Outdoor Use
  • Weatherized 32" Gold Series TV
  • WIFI / Smart Apps
  • TV Cover Included
  • Fridge: 3.1 cu ft
  • Fridge: Adjustable Thermostat
  • Fridge: Top Freeze & Glass Shelves
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  • Backyard
  • Patio
  • Balcony
  • Camping
  • RV
  • Boat
  • Poolside
  • Spa
  • Tailgating
  • Garage
  • Outdoor Dining Areas
  • BBQ Grilling


  • 32" Gold Series Outdoor HDTV Included 
  • Caster Wheel Included - Easy Removal of TV for Portability & Storage
  • Warranty: 2 Years on Mini Fridge + 2 Year on TV
  • Dimensions:50"x19"x20"(w/ TV)


  • Wireless 5G Signal Transmitter Receiver (150ft+ Distance)
  • Weatherproof Sound Bar
  • Solar Power Unit

These MirageVision TVs are re-built & configured to withstand just about any weather condition, no matter where you live. Our most popular series is the Gold Series. These TV Displays are made to work best in partial sunlight viewing and can handle most weather conditions like a true champ! Units are equipped with our proprietary MPET Calibration Picture/Image settings. This combined technology allows for a sharper and brighter picture image in daytime sunny outdoor viewing. This Gold Series Model is Smart TVs, Wi-Fi and App ready.

Outdoor TV Specs

Screen Size 32"
1080p Full Array Backlight
Dimension: Set
28.66" x 17.01" x 2.82" (add an additional 1” for fan motors)
Weight: Set
9 lbs
Power Consumption - Stand-by (W)
135w MAX
Brightness (Typ.)
550 Nits
Upscale Engine
Yes HD to 4K
Clear Motion
High Dynamic Range HDR
Color Display
16.7 Million
Speaker Type
2ch 5w
Bluetooth Audio
HDMI (2) Composite, Tuner, USB (2) , Ethernet
Audio Out Optical
Mobile to TV Mirroring
Mounting VESA Standard Compatible
Hole Pattern
VESA Rated
Smart TV
TV Cover, Remote, Manual, Extended Mounting Screws
One (1) Year Residential Parts and Labor Limited Warranty. Not Warranted for Commercial Use.
· Ultra HD (2k) 1080P
· Sealed enclosure is UV-treated and weather resistant
· Name-brand TVs are customized to withstand moisture and bugs
· HD Picture Quality Calibrated for Partial Sunlight and Outdoor Use.
· TV withstands sub-freezing weather and temperatures up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit
· Weather resistant rear cabinet vents allow heat to escape and limit internal humidity.
Only made and warranted for Residential applications.
*NOTE: TV’s name brand has been custom altered for OUTDOOR USE, which may include: sealing of cabinet, rear guard breath vents, moisture guard internal circuitry, water resistant input cabinet area calibrated to enhance back-light and contrast (for increased brightness/visibility outdoors), and UV sealer on outside cabinet.

**Specifications (including contrast ratios, cabinet and screen sizes, donor brands) are subject to changes, due to donor name brand TV models, upgrades, and model changes and should not be totally relied upon without first contacting your MirageVision/Global Outdoor Concepts Sales Representative. Please contact your MirageVision Sales Representative for exact TV specifications, screen sizes, outer cabinet dimensions and donor brand (model).

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Because we use name-brand TVs as our TV donor, the MirageVision TVs are modern looking and use the latest TV technology in the world. When you purchase a MirageVision TV you know the internal components and Engine Chip is made by a World Name Brand TV Maker. Ask yourself one question…would you purchase a car without knowing who made the engine, transmission or tires? I don’t think so! Our Mega-Picture Enhancement Technology (MPET) calibration allows us to enhance picture-image quality when viewed outdoors. We are the first company in the world (since 2004) to offer name brand TVs made for outdoors. Our Super High Bright (name brand) models are the brightest Outdoor TVs in the industry (over 2,500 Nits with some models 3,000 Nits).

MirageVision TVs are not waterproof! Waterproof means the TV will operate under water! Don’t be fooled by some Chinese Companies exporting their Outdoor TVs into the USA, stating their TVs are 100% Waterproof, as this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Our MirageVision TVs are water/weather resistant and designed to resist normal downward rain, snow, dust and humidity. Our TVs have been made to operate permanently outdoors…Not underwater!

The MirageVision TV's internal circuitry and components have been coated with our special KryptoShield nano-coating application, coupled with our proprietary vortex 12 volt fan system that helps protect the internal circuitry from moisture and corrosion.

We accomplish this by covering existing vents, except for the vents at the very bottom of the TV so that the audio speakers aren’t covered and are fully audible. On our larger TV models that require more ventilation, we have incorporated an internal and external fan system that constantly operates a 12 volt fan system that creates a steady vortex airflow within the TV cabinet, this helps to dissipate moisture and humidity. We have also created a special RainGuard(tm) material that allows easy access to the TVs inputs while it repels rain or snow from getting into the inputs of the TV. This process is crucial to prolonging the life of any outdoor TV.

Yes, the MirageVision TV is warranted (directly from us, not the donor TV manufacturer) for (1) year parts and labor (depending on the model and the application) and an optional extended warranty up to additional (2) years available depending on the model and application.

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Our Outdoor TVs go through an intensive weather-proofing process.

Internal components sprayed with our special water-proofing formula coating called Kryptoshield . Cabinet and TV front sealed shut with waterproof sealant. Installation of external fans and water resistant exhaust vents to create a conventional vortex air flow within the TV cabinet. Waterproof membrane is attached to cover the TV’s input/output connections. The special calibration of Color, Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast and Gamma for enhanced outdoor viewing.

Compare our Outdoor TVs.

Our Outdoor TVs are specially Calibrated for outdoor use. Color, Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast and Gamma are calibrated & customized to make the picture POP, even when viewed in direct sunlight (on selected models). All of our TVs include our proprietary Special Calibration, which further enhances the picture, quality and brightness (Up to 10x Brighter - Compared to Regular Indoor TVs).

Kevin Harrington | As Seen On TV Founder & Shark Tank

Thank you MirageVision for a great product that really has complimented my home here in St. Pete, Florida. Being one of the original “Sharks” on the TV Series “Shark Tank,” I have seen many products and companies that do not live up to their promises. Several years ago, I purchased several MirageVision Outdooor TVs for my home and boat.

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