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MirageVision TV on Las Vegas Review Journal

TVs are customized for outdoor living spaces One company has the solution and it’s a lot closer than you think. MirageVision Outdoor TV on Valley View Boulevard boasts a line of outdoor televisions that are weather-resistant and have high-definition picture quality. Dale Potts, president of Global Outdoor Concepts, which owns MirageVision Outdoor TV, said when the company started nearly 10 years ago, it developed a weather-resistant television utilizing existing name brands such as Samsung, Sharp and LG.

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Mirage Vision Outdoor TV selected for 2016 Las Vegas Small Business Excellence Award

Las Vegas, - January 24, 2017 — Mirage Vision Outdoor TV has been selected for the 2016 Las Vegas Small Business Excellence Award in the Electronics classification by the Las Vegas Small Business Excellence Award Program. Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2016 Las Vegas Small Business Excellence Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Las Vegas Small Business Excellence Award Program and data provided by third parties.

MirageVision TV take Best of Show at CEDIA 2016.

New Partnership Alliance with Samsung & Cedia 2016.


We are proud to announce our new Partnership Alliance with Samsung, as an Authorized Reseller. This new alliance arrangement with Samsung allows us to incorporate our unique MirageVision Outdoor Weatherization Process and Picture/Image Enhancement Technology throughout Samsung’s line of leading edge commercial hospitality TVs, digital sign displays and consumer TVs for the residential “outdoor living” customer. This new Samsung alliance will create the world’s most hi-tech and affordable “Outdoor” TV/Display, Hospitality/Hotel TV and Commercial Digital Sign Displays in the growing outdoor TV/Display market!

For the past 10 years, we have been using Samsung consumer TVs as our “top of the line” donor brand TVs. We customize them with our MirageVision weatherproofing and picture/image enhancement technology for the residential backyard living customer, as well as some of the top commercial properties around the world! Now, with this new Samsung Alliance we will be able to direct purchase and customize the latest Samsung Commercial Digital Signage Displays and Hospitality TVs, thus retro-fitting them into MirageVision “Outdoor” TVs/Displays. We will also be offering the new Samsung OHD and OM Series (high bright/2500 nit) all-in-one outdoor signage displays. These units are certified through Samsung at
IP 56 and 24/7 usage for permanent “outdoor” applications, and when coupled with our MirageVision Outdoor Picture/Image Calibration (MPET) and Image Processor (MVVP) it will provide the Professional Integrator and the End-User Customer with the best commercial and/or residential “outdoor” TV/Display on the Planet!

We are excited to be introducing several new and innovative outdoor TV/Display products at 2016 CEDIA Expo (listed below). Our Company has been in business since 2004 selling our line of Outdoor Weatherproof TV Technology known as, MirageVision. We have sold thousands of our unique TV’s to professional integrators, home owners, commercial businesses, hotel/resorts, sports bars, sports stadiums, restaurants and the boat/yacht industry. Due to this unique design and the fact that we custom alter Name Branded TVs/Commercial Displays, our MirageVision Outdoor TVs/Commercial Displays install and look just like a normal indoor TV/Display, with the exception they are weatherproof and have been altered for outdoor daytime viewing. All of our models are VESA standard rated. Any of our TV/Displays can be turned into an “outdoor” digital multi-touch with our added LED (IP 67) Panel Overlay.

  • 55”/65” MirageVision Outdoor Super-Bright OLED Ultra HD (4k) with the new HDR
    Technology…the world’s first and only OLED custom built for outdoor use.
  • MirageVision Outdoor Super-Bright SUHD TV with HDR Technology.
  • MirageVision Outdoor TV Lift Cabinets (24” to 75” with custom to 90”).
  • MirageVision Outdoor (Curved/Flat) Ultra HD (4k).
  • MirageTouch Outdoor (anti-glare) Multi-Touch Screen HD / UHD (4k) / SUHD TV/Display.
  • MirageTouch Thru-Glass Super Bright 3,000 nit (anti-glare) Storefront Digital Signage.
  • MirageVision Jumbo Indoor/Outdoor (day/night) LED HD Theater TV System (sizes
    90”/115”/142”/165”/212” the world’s largest).
  • Indoor/Outdoor LED (HD) Seamless Modular (3.2mm pitch/IP 67) Video Display Walls (digital
    signage or video images).
  • Indoor/Outdoor Samsung Commercial Signage/Hospitality TVs custom retro-fit for outdoor use.
  • Our company will be introducing our proprietary Mega Picture Enhancement Technology (MPET)
    that calibrates the TV’s internal settings, through an embedded video processor using internal
    proprietary software (MVVP) that enhances the TV’s picture quality when used in outdoor sunny

Our company is seeking additional AV Professional’s who are looking for additional AV installation and product revenues installing and marketing our line of outdoor TV’s, commercial “indoor/outdoor digital signage and hospitality/hotel TVs.

Come see our unique money making outdoor products at this year’s CEDIA Expo held in Dallas, TX
(BOOTH 6824)

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