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Digital Sign Sanitation Station
Digital Sign Sanitation Station
Digital Sign Sanitation Station
Digital Sign Sanitation Station
Digital Sign Sanitation Station
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Digital Sign Sanitation Station

$1,500.00 $2,250.00

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Have sanitation stations throughout your property while internally promoting your business using Samsung’s Signage Solution.

+ Digital Signage Latest Indoor & Outdoor Digital Signage - Plays live broadcast and on-demand content. Content Management System to display content and promotions over live tv.
+ Indoor/Outdoor Rolling Cart Heavy Duty Indoor/Outdoor Rolling Cart/Stand. Articulating Wall Mount also available.
+ Built In - Touch-less Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
+ Built In - Paper Towel Dispenser
+ Optional - TR-50 Thermal Temperature Monitoring Unit

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A TV You Can Count On

Featuring an impressive 3-year warranty, the Samsung Pro TV is built to operate reliably 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Day in and day out, you can depend on your Samsung Pro TV to play what you want, when you want it.

Play the Content You Want

Show what your customers want to watch with built-in tuners and multiple input ports. Your Samsung Pro TV can also play your favorite content from YouTube. From the big game to prime-time news, broadcasted by cable or by external media player, you’re in control.

Business TV APP

With the intuitive Samsung Business TV app (available for Android and iOS) you can create and upload dynamic, eye-catching content to multiple TVs from your smartphone or tablet in three easy steps.

Create Eye-Catching Content

With the Samsung Business TV App, choose from more than 100 customizable templates sorted by industry and content type, including L-bar layouts, embedded motion, seasonal sales and other pre-designed promotion.

Talk to Your Customers

The slideshow feature allows you to change your message anytime. With a few clicks of a button, seamlessly update the latest information and promotions on your Pro TV. Content becomes as dynamic as your customers.

Show Off Your Own Content

You know your customers best. The Samsung Business TV app gives you the freedom to showcase your custom content, your way. Display your own photos from your smartphone or tablet.

**OPTIONAL** TR-50 Thermal Temperature Monitoring.

· Affordable · Un-Invasive· Accurate · Easy Install · Body Temperature Through the Wrist

The CDC has recently stated that 83% to 89% of infected Covid-19 patience have fevers. That means that you have an average of 85% odds to screen out potential Covid-19 infected individuals and employees from entering your establishment. That is why most all of US Airports and Las Vegas Casinos are installing expensive ($15k to $30K) Infrared Thermal Camera Temperature Reading Devices that detects human temperatures of employees and entering customers. Handheld Forehead Infrared Scanners can be inaccurate, not to mention intrusive, as many people do not like infrared light beams put to their foreheads. We are now introducing our affordable and non-invasive MirageVision TR-50 Human Temperature Wrist Scanner.

This device digitally scans people’s temperatures by scanning their wrist and displays their body temperature on the LED screen and the internal voice speaker tells them if they “Pass” or “Failed!” This new device is a tenth of the cost of the complicated Infrared Thermal Camera Devices and does not require complicated and expensive installation.

This new device is a must for businesses who return to opening up to the public.


· Restaurants
· Funeral Homes
· Car Dealers
· Health Clubs
· Grocery/Retail Stores
· Gyms
· Nursing Homes
· Bars and Nightclubs
· Nail/Hair Salons
· Public Bus Companies
· Taxi Cab / Share Drive
· Many More....

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Because we use name-brand TVs as our TV donor, the MirageVision TVs are thinner, lighter, and modern looking. Our Mega-Picture Enhancement Technology (MPET) calibration allows us to enhance picture-image quality when viewed outdoors.  Our unique warranties cover parts and labor and/or replacement not “repair-it-yourself “coverage.

MirageVision TVs are not waterproof, but they are water/weather resistant and designed to resist normal downward rain, snow, dust and humidity. We have made our TVs to be left permanently installed outdoors.

The MirageVision TV's internal circuitry and components have been coated with our special Kryptoshield nano-coating application that helps protect the circuitry from moisture and corrosion.

We accomplish this by covering existing vents, except for the vents at the very bottom of the TV so that the audio speakers aren’t covered and are fully audible. On our larger TV models that require more ventilation, we have incorporated an internal and external fan system that constantly operates a 12 volt fan system that creates a steady vortex airflow within the TV cabinet, this helps to dissipate moisture and humidity, even when the TV is not in operation. We have also created a RainGuard(tm) material that allows easy access to the TVs inputs while it repels rain or snow from getting into the inputs of the TV. This process is crucial to prolonging the life of any outdoor TV.

Yes, the MirageVision TV is warranted (directly from us, not the donor TV manufacturer) for 1 year parts and labor (depending on the model and the application) and an additional extended warranty available depending on the model and application.

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Our Outdoor TVs go through an intensive weather-proofing process.

Internal components sprayed with our special water-proofing formula coating called Kryptoshield . Cabinet and TV front sealed shut with waterproof sealant. Installation of external fans and water resistant exhaust vents to create a conventional vortex air flow within the TV cabinet. Waterproof membrane is attached to cover the TV’s input/output connections. The special calibration of Color, Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast and Gamma for enhanced outdoor viewing.

Compare our Outdoor TVs.

Our Outdoor TVs are specially Calibrated for outdoor use. Color, Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast and Gamma are calibrated & customized to make the picture POP, even when viewed in direct sunlight (on selected models). All of our TVs include our proprietary Special Calibration, which further enhances the picture, quality and brightness (Up to 10x Brighter - Compared to Regular Indoor TVs).

Kevin Harrington | As Seen On TV Founder & Shark Tank

Thank you MirageVision for a great product that really has complimented my home here in St. Pete, Florida. Being one of the original “Sharks” on the TV Series “Shark Tank,” I have seen many products and companies that do not live up to their promises. Several years ago, I purchased several MirageVision Outdooor TVs for my home and boat.

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