BUYER BEWARE! Due to our Partnership with Samsung, we are the only outdoor TV company Authorized to weatherize & retrofit Samsung TVs/Digital Signs for outdoor use.

Why Purchase a MirageVision Outdoor TV
Rather Than Just Installing an Inexpensive Regular Indoor TV?




MirageVision Outdoor TVs...
Our MirageVision Outdoor TVs are NAME BRAND TVs that have been custom altered for permanent outdoor use. The internal electronic boards have been coated using our proprietary super hydrophobic coating, called KryptoshieldTM. We seal off the outer cabinet and add special low voltage external and internal push and pull fan motors that circulate vortex air within the TV cabinet. This cools the inner components and dissipates internal cabinet moisture and humidity.

Regular Indoor TVs...
Regular Indoor TVs are made and warranted for INDOOR USE ONLY. They are NOT made to be used outdoors! Regular Indoor TVs are designed with several cabinet “breathe holes” that allow the internal heat to escape the cabinet. If you use an indoor TV outdoors, it is vulnerable to rain, dust and bugs entering the cabinet, not to mention the corrosion damage to the TV’s circuit boards. Even if a bug or insect enters the TV cabinet and dies on a chip or circuit, it would more than likely short out that board and damage the TV. When an indoor TV has been installed outdoors, it is just a matter of time before moisture and humidity damage and corrode the internal circuit boards. And without proper fan ventilation, your indoor TV’s life cycle is a “crap shoot”!

Picture Quality:


MirageVision Outdoor TVs...
MirageVision Outdoor TVs have proprietary Mega Picture Enhancement Technology (MEPT) calibration that adjusts the TV settings, such as the brightness, contrast, color, gamma and sharpness, to enhance the picture quality when used in outdoor daytime sunlight.

Regular Indoor TVs...
Most Regular Indoor TVs would have a great picture when used indoors, in a dark room, or for nighttime viewing. The biggest difference in the picture quality between indoor incandescent lighting and outdoor daytime sunlight is that the Regular Indoor TV picture quality will look “washed out”.


Liabilities of Installing a Regular Indoor TV Outdoors:

Because Indoor TVs are not made or warranted for outdoor use, there could be potential liability for the end user, as well as the company or person who installed the TV. Just ask any competent attorney or insurance agent... “if I install an Indoor TV that has not been altered or made for Outdoor use and the TV shorts out or causes property damage or bodily injury, would there be any liability on the homeowner (end user) and/or the company that installed the Indoor TV in an Outdoor environment?” Of course, I think the answer is obvious, it’s common sense!

The Warranty Issue:

If you install a Regular Indoor TV outside, will it be warranted by the manufacturer or the seller? The answer is a big fat NO! Even though a Regular Indoor TV is not warranted for outdoor use, some homeowners (end users) will lie or deceive the seller and return a damaged Indoor TV that has been installed outdoors and request a repair or replacement under the manufacturer’s or seller’s written Indoor TV Warranty. This procedure skirts on an area of FRAUD!

Today, more and more manufacturers and sellers of Regular Indoor TVs are becoming aware of this the abuse of the product warranty. Due to the growing Outdoor TV market, manufacturers and sellers are scrutinizing their Indoor TV warranty claims. So, it is just a matter of time before the Outdoor TV market explodes and Indoor TV manufacturers will stop honoring the return or replacement of any Regular Indoor TV that has been installed outdoors. MirageVision Outdoor TVs are MADE FOR OUTDOOR USE and carry a One (1) Year Replacement Warranty, with some selected models extended to two (2) to three (3) years at a prorated percentage of the sale price.

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