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on July 03, 2016

MirageVision TV is Outdoors

Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada! It's truly a desert out here and it gets really hot! So hot, in fact, you can cook an egg on a man hole cover.Now, we have many of our MirageVision Outdoor TVs up and down the strip, at quite a few different locations. However, our MirageVision Outdoor TVs in Las Vegas are specially designed to account for the heat, and are made weatherproof, through a special process we use. 

These TVs have been installed for your outdoor viewing pleasure and entertainment so you can catch a game at a bar, watch the news while you have a bite, see a show while in a poolside cabana or get information about ticket prices for local shows and events.That's right: bars, restaurants, ticket booths and information signs are all using MirageVision Outdoor TVs to entertain and inform you in Las Vegas. 

These MirageVision Outdoor TVs have been in operation for various lengths of time, in one of the hottest environments on the planet.