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32” 1080P Gold Legacy

Regular Price: $1,050.00

Special Price $950.00

40” Gold Ultra HD (4K)

Regular Price: $1,495.00

Special Price $1,295.00

55” Gold Ultra HD (4k)

Regular Price: $2,295.00

Special Price $1,995.00

Outdoor TVs for Every Setting!

Looking for an Outdoor TV? Well, you've landed on the right page! Shop for your outdoor TVs from MirageVision! We have the largest selection of weatherized, all-weather Outdoor TV's, including UHD 4K Outdoor TVs. And! All of our TVs are Smart TV's with WIFI!

  • Perfect for your patio, deck, outdoor kitchen and even by your pool or spa!
  • MirageVision TVs are the most affordable Outdoor TVs and have the best picture quality in the marketplace!
  • Our proprietary weatherproofing process allows MirageVision TV to turn a quality TV Brand (i.e. Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sharp) into a weatherized, all-weather resistant outdoor entertainment system.

Don't be Stoneage Fred
by using a Regular Indoor TV!

Our MirageVision Outdoor TVs are NAME BRAND TVs that have been custom altered for permanent outdoor use. The internal electronic boards have been coated using our proprietary super hydrophobic coating, called KryptoshieldTM. We seal off the outer cabinet and add special low voltage external and internal push and pull fan motors that circulate vortex air within the TV cabinet. This cools the inner components and dissipates internal cabinet moisture and humidity. Indoor TVs are made and warranted for INDOOR USE ONLY. They are NOT made to be used outdoors!

Caution! Don't Use an Indoor TV Outdoors. Read This!

Direct Sunlight? No Problem!

Our Outdoor TVs are specially Calibrated for outdoor use. Color, Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast and Gamma are calibrated & customized to make the picture POP, even when viewed in direct sunlight (on selected models). All of our TVs include our proprietary Special Calibration, which further enhances the picture, quality and brightness (Up to 8x Brighter - Compared to Regular Indoor TVs).

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Kevin Harrington | As Seen On TV Founder & Shark Tank

"Thank you MirageVision for a great product that really has complimented my home here in St. Pete, Florida."

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Scott Sibella | CEO Resorts World / Former COO MGM Resorts

"Choosing Mirage Vision is not only great for our properties, but its the best personal choice for outdoor entertainment."

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Partnership with Samsung

"We are proud to announce our new Partnership Alliance with Samsung, as an Authorized Reseller. This new alliance arrangement with Samsung allows us to incorporate our unique MirageVision Outdoor Weatherization Process"
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