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TV Lifts & Cabinets

MirageVision Outdoor Lift Cabinets and TV Cabinet Enclosures are made to be placed outdoors. They provide extra protection and security for your MirageVision Outdoor TV. Our Lift Cabinets and TV Cabinet Enclosures are custom made to fit your MirageVision TV. We offer a wide range of exterior finishes. Each MirageVision lift cabinet comes with locking caster wheels(optional) and can be easily moved around your yard to create different viewing areas and angles.

Hand-Crafted. Perfection.

Each individual lift cabinet is hand-crafted by one of our certified, trained TV lift cabinet experts. It takes approximately 40-man hours to construct our weatherproof cabinets, using the finest, durable, sturdy outdoor components.
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What is it Made From?

We use weather-treated 2x4’s and a painted redwood frame construction. The bottom floor is constructed using weather-treated, painted, ¾-inch birch wood, with durable swivel caster wheels for easy maneuverability on any flat, hard, surface.

The standard outer skin consists of weather-treated, woodgrain-patterned outdoor wood panels that are painted either a neutral tan color or constructed with ABS plastic panels in black or white. We use powder-coated protective aluminum for the corners and black ABS plastic for the cabinet top lid.

Designed to Protect.

The cabinet lid is designed to lift your MirageVision Outdoor TV up and down, with a special overhang from the lid base to protect it by deflecting downpouring rain, dust and snow. The TV lift mechanism is constructed of powder-coated heavy-duty steel, using a belt and actuator technology for smooth, quiet, durable up and down movement.

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Custom Made for every unique project.

Each cabinet includes a wireless hand-held radio (RF) and a wired built-in back-up button up/down/stop controller, and side cabinet handles for push and pull accessibility.

If you would like an optional custom outer skin, a custom cabinet painted to match your outdoor décor, or a brick or stucco design, please call for pricing and time-frames to complete your custom project.

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Designed. Built. Delivered.

Each TV lift cabinet is bubble and shrink wrapped and shipped on a sturdy oversized pallet and insured via ground truck carrier. They can be delivered to your dock or residential curbside.

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Advantages of our TV Lift Cabinets:

  • Protects the TV from the outdoor elements, such as rain, acid rain, snow, winds, hail,blowing dust, bird droppings, flying objects (such as golf balls, rocks from lawn mowers, kids, birds, etc. (Having a TV lift cabinet can protect your outdoor TV just like parking your car in the garage can protect your car!)
  • Protects the TV from vandalism (out of sight, out of mind).
  • Portability of this unit allows you to roll the cabinet around your location giving you the option for different viewing areas.
  • Safely houses your TV for added protection and longevity of your unit (just like parking your car in your garage can extend the longevity of your car). Your outdoor TV (even though our TVs are made for outdoors), will last longer, and the screen will stay cleaner when “parked” in a TV lift cabinet specially made for outdoor use.
  • And last, but not least… you’ll be able to impress everyone with the “cool effect” of popping your hidden outdoor TV out of a box!

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Brushed Aluminum

Stainless Steel

Brown Granite


Off White Granite

Wood Grain

Carrara Marble Look

Light Wood Grain

Stone Wall (Vinyl Wrap)

Black Slate Stone (Vinyl Wrap)

Cream White Brick (Vinyl Wrap)

Rock Stone Brick (Vinyl Wrap)

Masonry Stone Wall (Vinyl Wrap)

Stacked Stones (Vinyl Wrap)

Modern Wall (Vinyl Wrap)

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