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The biggest difference between MirageVision and our competitors is that we use state-of-the-art, name brand TV’s.

Here are a few reasons we feel the MirageVision™ Televisions should be your only logical choice when selecting your outdoor TV. (Because of how special the Outdoor TV industry is, as of this date, we really have only 2 close competitors) * We purposely left our two main competitors names anonymous due to the fact that our company policy has always been, not to badmouth the competition but, to only state why our Mirage Vision outdoor TV is the best logical choice. We have left the badmouthing to our competitors.

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  Mirage Vision Outdoor TV *Competitor 1 *Competitor 2
Name Brand Components (Donor TV) Yes Unknown Unknown
Thin, Modern Cabinet Design Yes No No
LED Backlight Technology (up to 3000 NITS) Yes (selected models) No No
New Quantum Dot Technology Yes No No
New HDR Technology (High Dynamic Range) Yes No No
New Adaptive Light Sensing Technology Yes No No
Ultra HD 4K Yes (on most models) Yes (selected models) Yes (selected models)
Mega Picture Enhancement Technology™ Yes No No
Models w/ Apps Yes (28+ Models) 6 Unknown
Models w/ Built-in Wi-Fi/Internet Yes (28+ Models) 6 Unknown
3D Models (Optional w/ and w/o glasses.) Yes No No
Full Replacement Warranty Yes (on selected models) No (Parts & Labor) No (Parts & Labor)
Extended Warranty Option Yes Yes Yes
Samsung Commercial 24/7 Digital Signage Displays Yes No No
Jumbo Outdoor Theater System Sizes 90"/115"/145"/165"/212" Yes No No
Portable-Wireless (12v) Outdoor TV / Cart Yes No No
Multiple Sound Bar Options (Incl'g Bluetooth) Yes Yes (not bluetooth) Yes (not bluetooth)
HD 1080p/ HD 4K Wireless Sender Yes Yes No
Internal/External Vortex Fan Motors System (12v continuous operation) Yes No No
KryptoShield Internal Circuit Protective Coating Yes No No
Free Waterproof TV Cover Yes No No
Outdoor TV Lifts/Cabinets Yes No No
Written Price Guarantee Yes No No
Trade-In/Trade-Up Allowance Yes No No

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