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What makes the MirageVision outdoor TVs unique?
We customize existing top brand-name TVs by altering the cabinet and interior components to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. In addition, our TVs have enhanced picture quality (MPET). We accomplish this by using our proprietary calibration to enhance the original TV settings, such as brightness, contrast, color, hue and sharpness that allows outdoor sunlight viewing.

What's sets us apart from the competition?
Because we use namebrand TVs as our TV donor, the MirageVision TV's are thinner, lighter, and modern looking. Our Mega-Picture Enhancement Technology (MPET) calibration allows us to enhance picture-image quality when viewed outdoors. Because we use namebrand TVs as our TV donor, the MirageVision TVs are thinner, lighter, and modern looking. Our unique warranties cover unit replacement, not parts and labor or 'repair-it-yourself' coverage, making us the only Outdoor TV company that affords our customers replacement, instead of waiting on a parts and labor warranty . We have multiple sizes, models and pricing options to choose from, not to mention we offer the latest tv technology on the planet, and the worlds largest, Jumbo Outdoor TV Theater Entertainment System... a whopping 212" screen.

Are MirageVision TVs waterproof?
MirageVision TVs are not waterproof, but they are water/weather resistant and designed to resist normal downward rain, snow, dust and humidity. We have made our TVs to be left permanently outdoors in most environments.

Will the MirageVision TV give you the same picture quality in outdoor sunlight, compared to a TV installed indoors?
Of course the MirageVision TV will have a better picture in a shaded area. MirageVision TVs are equipped with enhanced picture quality and increased contrast & brightness for use in outdoor sunlight conditions. However, our top-of-the-line models are equipped with our proprietary picture enhancement software that adjusts the picture's quality when viewed in direct sunlight.

Will moisture or humidity damage MirageVision TVs?
The MirageVision TV's internal circuitry and components have been coated with our special kryptoshield application that helps protect the circuitry from moisture and corrosion.

How does the MirageVision TV 'breathe' and still repel down pouring rain?
We accomplish this by covering existing vents, except for the vents at the very bottom of the TV. On our larger TV models that require more ventilation, we have incorporated an internal and external fan system that constantly operates a 12 volt fan system that creates a steady vortex airflow within the TV cabinet, this helps to dissipate moisture and humidity, even when the TV is not in operation. We have also created a RainGuard(tm) material that allows easy access to the TVs inputs while it repels rain or snow from getting into the inputs of the TV. This process is crucial to prolonging the life of any outdoor TV.

When the MirageVision TV is installed outdoors, do you have to run multiple wires to the set?
Of course, it's always best to hardwire the TV using an HDMI cable from your indoor source to your outdoor MirageVision TV. However, we also offer an optional Digital, full 1080p/4K Wireless Video/Audio Package. You can install the transmitter indoors (at your source) and the weather resistant receiver outdoors on the back of your MirageVision TV set (limited distance to about 100 feet). This allows wireless, full HD without the expensive installation of wiring. And now, most of our Diamond Pro models are equipped with Direct TV Ready technology! (Please consult with your sales associate and/or contact your local Direct TV representative).

What is the best way to install the MirageVision TV for the best possible HD picture?
For the best possible picture, you will need to install either an HD/4K satellite receiver or an HD/4K cable box directly to the MirageVision TVs HDMI input. Using the optional wireless fully HD package will provide wireless 1080p4K full HD signal to be sent from your in-home source to your outdoor MirageVision TV. For professional installation, please contact a local TV/electronic, integrator specialist.

Is the MirageVision TV warranted for outdoor use?
Yes, the MirageVision TV is warranted (directly from us, not the donor TV manufacturer) for 1 year parts and labor (depending on the model and the application) and an additional 2 years depending on the model and application. If your TV fails within the warranted period, please fill out our Warranty Claim Form Online. (Click Here)

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