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Luxury Visual Experience.

For Luxury Living

Distinguish your residence with industry-leading technology engineered to defy the limits of visual innovation. The Wall is in a class of its own, exhibiting spectacular visuals that make a bold statement in any business or luxury living environment. Unrivaled picture quality delivers the ultimate viewing experience, while easy installation and management make operating The Wall effortless.

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visual experience

Turn your home into an immersive entertainment environment featuring colors in their purest form. Showcase movies, TV, artwork and photography with AI-optimized picture quality that makes every scene and detail more spectacular.

Big impact
small lift

Turn any luxury living environment into a flexible visual canvas without size, shape and structure limits. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience faster with modular technology and turnkey installation and support designed to streamline deployment.


Easy set-up, integrations and maintenance mean uninterrupted enjoyment. View and manage content how you want for an unrivaled and secure user experience.

Behind the greatness of microLED display technology

MicroLED technology transfers micrometer-scale LEDs into LED modules, resulting in what resembles wall tiles comprised of mass-transferred clusters of almost microscopic lights. Mounted together as a uniform canvas and plugged in, they create a visual experience similar to what you get with premium QLED TVs.

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Stunning Picture Quality

Pure black

An exceptionally black base plus ultra-low reflection black technology deliver pure black for unparalleled contrast and detail.

A one-of-a-kind
visual experience.

The MicroLED technology brings detail to life through superior color purity and a wider color gamut than conventional LED displays. Its vibrant colors and deep black levels deliver intense contrast and immaculate detail, for a one-of-a-kind visual experience. From live events to blockbuster movies, everything will be on a bigger, brighter and bolder scale.

Configure as large as 292" with 8K resolution

  • Super Size and Resolution You can size it as large as you want in 4K, or up to 292" in 8K, for an incredibly immersive viewing experience. In 8K, it can be nearly 15 times larger than a conventional 75" TV.
  • No Space Constraints Super-sized screen, with no projection distance required.
  • No Lighting Constraints Easily visible in bright daylight, thanks to high brightness.
  • No Image Distortion Consistent image quality and brightness across all areas of the screen.
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Build your visual canvas

This is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Not only can it be configured precisely to your space, it can also be customized to your unique style.

Seamless design

A fine choice for the finest of places. The Wall microLED display truly becomes a bold, yet subtle and sophisticated centerpiece to capture attention.

Flexible modularity

Configure The Wall to fit your needs in any environment. Its easy-to-install and flexible design has no limits on size, shape and structure.

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