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on December 31, 2016

Attention MirageVision customers!

The MirageVision Outdoor TV now has a Waterproof TV Remote that is compatible with all of our Outdoor Weather Proof TVs!

It's waterproof, it floats, it's battery operated and light weight, it has an LED indicator so you know the batteries have a charge, it can be easily coded to work with all MirageVision Outdoor TV models; it's an Outdoor Waterproof TV Remote, now being offered by MirageVision.

Whether you live in the desert and watch your MirageVision Outdoor TV from your pool, or if you live in the rainy north west or north east and watch your MirageVision Outdoor TV in your forested backyard, or if you live in the humid south and watch your MirageVision Outdoor TV on your front porch while enjoying tea; you no longer have to worry about your remote becoming ruined by falling into water.

You can use the Waterproof TV Remote instead and save your other remote as a back up!

It has all the buttons for primary TV functions, it can withstand a torrential downpour, and it can even withstand a complete submersion in water; the remote even works under water! *

*Never submerge your MirageVision Outdoor TV (or any outdoor TV) into a body of water. The Waterproof TV Remote can be submerged in water, but we do not recommend that you try testing any other device in this way.