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The FUTURE is here today with MirageVision

Perfect fit for vertical markets in large areas such as shopping malls, stadiums & arena’s hospitality and transportation hubs. It is a simple, cost-effective and reliable Indoor & Outdoor digital signage solution for your business that promises to get a lot of attention for those patrons viewing it.

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The Ultimate Way to Get your Customer's Attention!

As technology improves and changes the way we view the world, whether it be on your mobile devices, through Google Glasses or Virtual Reality everyone will be seeing the world in lifelike 3D.

It’s no coincidence that Hollywood is producing on average 70 plus 3D movies a year, that the multi-billion-dollar video gaming industry graphics are all in 3D and now look how other vertical markets are developing 3D applications in such industries as medical, military & defense, aviation, auto-motive and architectural, that 3D is the future as we know it.

The only negative issue up until now is that no one wants to wear 3D glasses to experience 3D and MirageVisionTV has made all this possible with our Glasses-Free 3D displays and mobile devices for both the commercial and consumer market where you do not have to wear glasses to see in 3D.

Sizes Available

  • 27" - 98" (HD & 4k)

Perfect for Outdoor Sunlight... Up to 3000 NITS of Brightness!

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