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Eliminate Face-to-Face Interactions with Talking Avatar Kiosks.

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For those times when customers need live support, Amica connects to live help in the back office, or remote location. One person can support multiple kiosks. Huge payroll savings! Awesome service!

See it in action below:

Meet Amica, the avatar assistant kiosk for the new Covid-19 normal! Amica operates for just dollars an hour, is always friendly, gets smarter with use, and will never call in sick. Amica rolls easily inside & outside; wherever help is needed.

  • Friendly avatar greets customers & visitors.
  • Avatar answers 100’s of frequently asked questions.
  • Takes meal, retail and other types of customer orders.
  • Can speak & understand Spanish & multiple languages.
  • Does 80% of what staff can do, for 90% less cost!
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  • Restaurants
  • Sports Bards
  • Auto Dealers
  • Auto Service Centers
  • Car Rental Agencies
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Retail Stores
  • Dentist Offices
  • Doctor Offices
  • Town Halls & More..
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