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Do You Want to Bring Back REVENUES to Your Business?

Then Start Using Digital Signage to Advertise Your Products and Services Throughout Your Establishment!

Due to the fact we are Reseller Partners with Samsung, we are in the position to offer their new user-friendly digital signage. Because of the changes due to the Covid-19, Businesses must create more innovative marketing and revenue generating products and ideas to help them generate more cash flow. They need to take advantage of the fact they will lose their customer volume due to regulations, social distancing and their customers fear of catching the COVID-19 Virus.

Samsung has just released their most user friendly and affordable Digital Signage ever! So, take advantage of this new product and our special pricing.

Warranty: 3 yr. parts and labor limited warranty directly from Samsung

43” Digital Sign $425.00 + shipping
50” Digital Sign $495.00 + shipping
55” Digital Sign $560.00 + shipping

65” Digital Sign $770.00 + shipping
70” Digital Sign $995.00 +shipping
75” Digital Sign $1,350.00 + shipping

Special Pricing (outdoor use)… From $995 (depending upon size)

36 Month Lease & Payment Plan at Zero Interest with No Upfront Cost Available!

These newly released affordable Digital Signs can play live TV, while at the same time you can easily insert banner and template advertising and promotional content. Even, order &/or make a sale right at the Interactive Kiosk without human contact, using our proprietary non-touch technology!

This can help generate additional revenues by displaying your menu specials, dessert specials, drink specials, happy hours, & sales content, while at the same time making your business stand out from your competition!

Ask us about our Non-Finger Touch Screens and Interactive Voice “Avatar” Digital Signage/Sanitation Station Kiosk (optional battery operated for wireless portability)! Software & Content Design Available!

Connect with MirageVision to learn more about our Leasing Options!

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