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Backyard Entertaining is booming in America

Ever hear the analogy, in Real Estate the three most important factors are Location/Location/Location! Well, in business the three most important factors are Timing/Timing/Timing! Yes, the economy has slowed, the stock market is erratic, inflation is rising, crime is at an all-time high, COVID is hanging around and rising mortgage rates are causing the real estate market to slow.

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These negative circumstances are luring the American Consumer (those who can afford) into purchasing “Positive Fun Products.” From vacations to boats to RVs to fine dining with friends and relatives to outdoor living home related products. More and more Americans feel safe entertaining in their own backyard… that is why “Backyard Entertaining” is Booming in America… from swimming pools to spas to audio/video products to the ultimate entertaining product everyone can use, an Outdoor TV.

Our company was one of the very first in America to offer Outdoor Weatherproof TVs having sold thousands since 2004. We have always tried to stay ahead of our competition by offering the best product for the best wholesale pricing. With that said we have just partnered with a major third party product warranty insurance company that will be offering extended warranties (up to 3 years) on our selected Reseller line of outdoor TVs and digital signs. I am sure you would agree that in business and sales “timing and pricing” is everything!

So, with that said… the timing has never been better for Integrator/Resellers! Get Special Pricing

MVPro with a (3) year limited residential warranty

AV Integrator/Resellers are still a major part of our volume sales. We have just developed a plan to allow our Resellers a Proprietary Outdoor TV Model MVPro with a (3) year limited residential warranty and (2) year limited commercial warranty…One Year Parts and Labor from our company (with our original terms and conditions) and an extended 2nd year for commercial and 2nd/3rd year residential “onsite” warranty directly from our third party insurance company Partner.

We will also be offering a new model MirageVision TV to Resellers that will include the extended 2nd and 3rd year “onsite” Warranty at no additional cost or deductible, so our Resellers can pass it through to their customers at no additional cost. It will be included in the wholesale price that we give to the Reseller.

This new model will consist of a “Top of the Line” LG Donor 4k TV and will be comparable to our most popular Diamond Series Specs, but at a lesser cost. They will be sold and rated as direct sun TVs. This new line will not be posted nor show any MSRP’s on our website or to the public, so our Resellers can charge their customers whatever they want as there will be no MSRP on this model. This will give a tremendous advantage to Resellers. It is almost like our Resellers will have an exclusive Private Label without sales volume or liability! This new Reseller Series will be available in the following sizes and pricing to the Resellers and will be named and labeled the MirageVision MVPro-1 Model

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