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The Mirage Vision Mini Table Top Kiosk - a Phone Charging Solution with HD Advertising Capabilities, Service Call Light and Proprietary WIFI Cloud Controlled Content Management System.

Elegant Design with High Functionality and Purpose is a goal realized with the MirageVision Table-Top Kiosk.

Studies have shown: Digital Ads when placed at point of decision yield a 33% increase in purchase (according to Nielsen Case Studies. ) You can now keep your patrons happy by offering Free Phone Charging, psychologically associating your brand with a positive and lasting impression. The advertising and customer engagement possibilities are endless!
  • Advertise on dual 7" HD displays
  • No outlets needed - reaching New locations
  • Captive audience for maximum impressions
  • Content changed via WiFi for real time ad changes
  • Units quickly recharge overnight
  • Built-in cables & USB ports for charging multiple devices


MirageVision Table-Top Kiosks are the perfect Mobile Charging Station for your Table Tops, Bars, End Tables and Seminar Tables. Because of the portability of these units, you can place them just about anywhere!


With the Continuous Looping Graphics and Video, you can advertise your Services, Specials, Promotions and Upsells easily to a captive audience, while they charge. Studies have shown that while you are providing a FREE Service like ‘CHARGING Phones’, the psychological association of your brand will leave a positive and lasting impression.


You can place them on every table because these do not have to be attached to a outlet. No Wiring - Save money and flexibility to put them everywhere your customers are!


Each unit can charge 25+ Phones per day and charge multiple devices at a time, with built-in cables and USB outputs.!


The High Capacity Batteries work all day and Quickly ReCharge Overnight to be ready for the next day!

Our LCD WI-FI Mini Kiosks are available for Purchase or for Rent. You can offer FREE Charging to your customers, while you increase sales and advertise your offers!

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