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Mastering the professional know-how of kiosk design and system integration is what earned us the reputation as the enabler of intelligent kiosk vertical platforms, including but not limited to ticketing machines, vending machines, gas stations and much more.

For over 15 years, our expertise in kiosk displays and reputation in sunlight readable, high brightness LCDs has been exercised and proven worldwide, building an unparalleled experience base for our kiosk customers, system builders and integrators to tap into for promising businesses.

On the side of Point of sale (POS), which means the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. The check-out points at supermarkets are traditionally known for the most common practices of POS. Nowadays, as the demand for intelligent platforms increases, more establishments beyond supermarkets, such as retail, restaurants and hotels are investing in point of sale (POS) systems to enhance efficiency and customer experiences.


  • Cash registers
  • Interactive infotainment systems
  • Self-service kiosks

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