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TR-50 Thermal Temperature Monitoring.

· Affordable · Un-Invasive· Accurate · Easy Install · Body Temperature Through the Wrist

The CDC has recently stated that 83% to 89% of infected Covid-19 patience have fevers. That means that you have an average of 85% odds to screen out potential Covid-19 infected individuals and employees from entering your establishment. That is why most all of US Airports and Las Vegas Casinos are installing expensive ($15k to $30K) Infrared Thermal Camera Temperature Reading Devices that detects human temperatures of employees and entering customers. Handheld Forehead Infrared Scanners can be inaccurate, not to mention intrusive, as many people do not like infrared light beams put to their foreheads. We are now introducing our affordable and non-invasive MirageVision TR-50 Human Temperature Wrist Scanner.

This device digitally scans people’s temperatures by scanning their wrist and displays their body temperature on the LED screen and the internal voice speaker tells them if they “Pass” or “Failed!” This new device is a tenth of the cost of the complicated Infrared Thermal Camera Devices and does not require complicated and expensive installation.

This new device is a must for businesses who return to opening up to the public.


· Restaurants
· Funeral Homes
· Car Dealers
· Health Clubs
· Grocery/Retail Stores
· Gyms
· Nursing Homes
· Bars and Nightclubs
· Nail/Hair Salons
· Public Bus Companies
· Taxi Cab / Share Drive
· Many More....

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